Sun Henna 2017 Crop
2017 Henna Crop is Here! Sun Henna is the premium henna from the Sahara desert of Morocco. Each year, harvesting henna happens every 2 months, from March 25th to November 25th. This is the first batch of 2017, which is fresh and very strong because of the abundant rain and […]

Are you ready for the 2017 Henna Crop?

Sun Henna Powder 50, 100 & 200
We have developed beautiful REFILL packages for your Sun Henna Kit. Sun Henna Powder Refill Packs are made of quadruply sifted premium henna powder, and are available in 3 packs 50g, 100g & 200g. Each prepackaged into 25g bags each for each and useful mixing. They also include a little […]

Brand new Sun Henna Powder

Sun Henna Kit 10, 25 & 50
Our brand new packaging has arrived! Sun Henna Kits have never looked better and contain all the useful tools you are accustomed to, PLUS amazing new instructions booklet that help you mix and draw with henna.

Brand new Sun Henna Kits 2016

Laila is an amazing person. Her energy glows a mile away. So when she asked me to try an extension, to expand, her full back tattoo, i was very interested in the outcome. I was confident in the result because her mood and energy is what creates the beauty of […]

Laila: expand full back tattoo

A week before Eclipse Festival in Quebec, Becca came by because she wanted a rather significant back henna tattoo to show off during the 3-day outdoor event. So having known Becca a bit, i knew she was into everything flowery, leafy, dotty and mushroomy. I started by dividing her back […]

Becca’s back henna – step by step henna detailed drawing

Hello to our new home online! After a few years looking for the right way to make our home online. This new site will help us reach you better and add more info, photos and comments faster than ever before! Thank you for visiting us

Welcome to our new site

Sun Henna Paste products are now available through our store and online. This is a truly unique product we’re offering because the consistency of the paste is simply amazing. No need to mix henna powder anymore, purchase our Sun Henna Paste products and you’re ready to go. this product needs […]

Sun Henna Paste

Sun Henna Kit 10, 25 & 50
New packaging of the Sun Henna Kits has arrived! Welcome to the world Sun Henna Kits!!!

Sun Henna Kits